Do you want your pup to have the best start in life?

Then Wag School puppy class is the place for you and your pup!


Coronavirus (COVID-19) – 22 March 2020

At Wag School our priority is the health and safety of our trainers, clients and their pups. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, while we have put a number of measures in place with respect to the running of our puppy school classes, the latest announcement from Prime Minister Scott Morrison regarding increased social distancing protocols means that we must suspend our classes for now.

However, we are currently investigating other options including remote / online puppy school classes so that we can run our courses in a different way, as it is vitally important for pups to build confidence, learn coping skills and socialise with a wide variety of people, places, surfaces and smells at the critical 3-16 weeks of age period.  We will also continue to support our clients via email.

Thank you for your support and assistance at this difficult time for our country.

Why puppy class is important

From around 3-16 weeks is a critical period in a pup’s life. During this time pups need to learn how to communicate appropriately and develop their social skills, so you don’t want to miss this relatively small window of opportunity. Dogs are social animals, so it is important that your pup learns how to fit into your family and your way of life. Attending Wag School’s puppy classes will help your pup to build confidence, learn social and coping skills, and have the very best start in life.

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